Saturday, February 28, 2009

Gettin' clean, and the truth about cats and moisture

Here are some tigres enjoying the bath. This, as anyone with a regular mini-size cat knows, is a rather unlikely scene. For the domestic kitteh, bathtubs are anathema. One time, my buddy Smalls (on your left up there; that's my boy) was skulking about the edge of the tub, and slipped. He made like an eggbeater, hovering above the water while whipping it about with just the tips of his paws. During this time, I became about as horrified as a bathing person can be when faced with a pointy eggbeater. Visions of the Dude and a captive marmot made me nervous....but 'ol Littlekins made his way out without actually succumbing to gravity and being fully moistened. And in the going on ten years we've been pals, I've yet to see him wet. Tigers, rather, seem to be all right with bathtime. I imagine these are discussing stock options...

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Baby tiger and the effect of "-or"

Here is a baby tiger with a bunninator for a friend. Very cute, and somewhat remarkable. And yes, I said bunninator. Because the rabbit is not to be trusted, and therefore gets "-or" put on the end. In the vein of the evil Skeletor of He-man fame, I have determined that putting "-or" on the end of things makes them inherently evil, and/or sneaky. For example, it's just a finger, right? But what happens when it's a Fingor? Scary, is what.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Kittehs, and the history of the term

I could not help myself. Damn you, google images. All the stripey kittehs in the world, and so little room on my page. By the way, the origins of my blog's title are as follows: On a trip to the zoo with my friend and fellow buddy-to-cats, Casey, we had a discussion about how it is so comfy to take a nap with our OWN furry pals, that it must be much better to take a nap with a FULL SIZE cat, i.e. one of the snoozing tigers we were watching at the time. And yes, I realize they have pointy claws and ferocious teeth, but when sleeping, they are just kittehs, and stripey ones at that. My favorite kind. Voila, a username was born!

Web 2.0 and Blogging.

First Post! I think the blog was incredibly easy to set up, that's for sure. And I am enjoying the Web 2.0 training so far because while I use a lot of 2.0 stuff already, blogging was not one I'd tried. So now I can foist my opinion on all kinds of weirdos of the wider world, and they have the wonderful County of Henrico Public Library to thank.