Saturday, November 1, 2014


Ah, nappers and tiger lovers. What have I been doing for the last three years? If Ali G can make a comeback (booyashaka) then so can I!

Well, the loss of Sainted Mother was rough, to say the least. The next spring, I gained a bionic ankle from falling off some do-me shoes in Las Vegas and then shattering it, thus prompting the addition of a plate and about 25 pins, two surgeries, and six months of narcotic-hazed utter boredom.

That RUINED me financially, but it also made me realize that A: I could not finish my degree in fine arts in a reasonable time period after all the incompletes I took for Mom's passing and me being a crip, and B: I'd rather write papers than sit in a studio every hour I'm not at work and miss out on romantical times with my fella. SO, I transferred to yet another school, and just this past September 30th, 2014, I was conferred a Bachelor of Arts in Art History, cum laude, from Mary Baldwin College. Only took me 21 years to do it, but HECK YES.

Also, my dad got remarried to a person I refuse to call my "step***ther" and joined AA, I bought a house, and my best friend got married and had a baby. I saw maybe 40 more shows (PARLIAMENT FUNKADELIC ya'll), I gained and lost probably 100 pounds, I grew and cut about a foot of hair, and I now have FOUR CATZ! Cat party in the house!

Also, dear friends, I'm getting married next Memorial Day weekend! That's only 7 months away...shit.

So, I'm back. Allow me to introduce you to T'Challa, the slinkybeast that stole our hearts Xmas 2012. She is a stabby/sweet babygirl.

I'll be back soon with Opinionatin', so check it. 

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