Monday, April 13, 2009

Baby Boom, reprise

I am posting to inform the world that I am to be an auntie again. I have five nephews, three by my sister and two of my brother's. My brother's wife is expecting a new baby in October. I found out yesterday; a fitting piece of news for Easter, indeed. I said 'I didn't expect to be an aunt again!' and my sister-in-law said 'I didn't expect to make you one again, either!' So, little he or she is rather unexpected, but it will be fun to have a tiny baby to manhandle again. My brother's youngest is five, so it's been a while. Naturally, my mother's reaction to the news was "Well, it had better be a girl." So tactful, Mom. Not, "Oooh, a new baby! How wonderful! And wouldn't it be nice to have a granddaughter?" or "Not that it matters, but how nice it would be to have a girl baby in the family," but just It Had Better Be A Girl. It had better be, or the poor little bugger may be wearing frilly lace dresses regardless. My sister had her third boy entirely in the hopes that if they tried again, it would be a girl. No dice. Also, my sister-in-law's sisters only have boys, too. So there is a powerful lack of baby to bestow bonnets, bows, crocheted booties, and the like on. All I hope (and my brother and sister-in-law too) is that the wee one is physically sound and his or her mom has an easy time. But that's just me. I'll pretend like I care when discussing it with my other family members, so they don't think I'm a traitor to the cause.
Personally, I think it would be fun if the bambino came on Halloween, so that I could tell it that all that candy was for him or her every year until it grew old enough to catch me in the lie. That's what aunts are for, incidentally. Lying for entertainment. Hence my excitement about a new victim; the other ones are wise to me now. Good luck, little zygote, and I'll see you in a few months....

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  1. Update: The luck ran out. I won't be meeting my niece. I will be visiting a tiny headstone instead. Life will break your heart and put you through agony that you can't even imagine sometimes. It will also make you happier than you ever thought possible, so that's what you have to wait for; those moments when you are truly blessed to be alive. I'm sorry, little one. I would have liked to be your aunt.