Thursday, April 2, 2009

Wikis plus a little splainin' to do

Wikis are cool! I love Wikipedia; it's my default for reading about stuff I don't know (online, that is, not in real life, when I would of course use the many and fantastic resources of the Public Library.) I have yet to contribute to one, but as the training video about this week's lesson so aptly showed, the application of the wiki concept is useful for coordinating info, which is not something I had realized wikis were useful for. You know what else is useful? Giving your mom a tiny cat. You laugh, but I gave my mom one I came across on the side of the road last year, and it was a great move. She loves that cat. And, I am touted as a miracle worker for bringing the two of them together. They are like symbiotic creatures, one getting hedonistic lap scritchings 'round the clock, and the other getting all the worship a lady needs. My mom, I'm sure, has some nicknames for her (Treasurepaws). Her name, in fact, is Amanda for the vet, and Mandy for everyday. I, personally, like to call her The Chairman. (Of the Itty Bitty Kitty Committee. She's small.) My bff got to meet her in the few days she hung out at my house (before it became apparent that if she was to live, she needed to be absent from my cat's murderous intent) and dubbed her Tiny Naylor, after a restaurant owned by a sports celebrity that she used to frequent out in LA as a youth. So when we discuss her amongst ourselves, that's how she is named, i.e. "Did you see Naylor at your mom's last weekend?" and "Naylor is extremely cute. I may have to swallow her whole." This is all by way of explanation for the list o' cat nicknames you'll find on the left. I did put a disclaimer regarding my attitude towards cats, but I felt a deeper explanation of my love for nicknames and how they come about was in order. Which gives me an Idea. A wiki about cat nicknames? Ooh....

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