Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I enjoy being productive!

I am posting today about Online Productivity tools. The featured website for the lesson was Google Docs. I had never heard of it, so this one was new for me, as well. I have been familiar with a few different office suites in the past; mainly Microsoft Office and Open Office, but this is a little different in that you can work online and also share your work with others, or let others contribute to your files. I love a good slideshow, so here's one I made as a test run for Google Docs.

OF COURSE there're uses for this stuff at work. There's really no end to the possibilities here. I have just made a slideshow in like 5 minutes after the first time I ever saw the site, so just think what you could do if you actually had some time to learn the ins and outs. And now my silly slideshow is published to the web, so if someone else wants to use it to illustrate online productivity, they can. The gist of all of these new Web 2.0 applications being that you can both edit and share various types of information, and organize it as well, the sky is really the limit. I can't thank my job enough for giving me the exposure to these tools that I might not have had otherwise. More ways to impose my opinion on others.....YES!

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