Monday, April 27, 2009

Duty Calls

I am sorry to admit I have been remiss of late; all caught up in the heady atmosphere created by blogging about old movies from my childhood. So, back to the serious business at hand, namely, my Web 2.0 training. So, firstly, let's discuss good ol' social networking. I'll confess I am somewhat ambivalent about social networking. I have Friendster, Myspace, and Facebook accounts. All of these were joined by me at the urgent behest of some friend or relative that explained that I just had to join so I could keep in touch with all of my friends or relatives. Especially Facebook, the newest one I belong to, wherein all my ultra-conservative cousins like to discuss their reasons to hate Obama (no likey). I can see how you could make use of them for business networking purposes, and especially on Facebook there are a lot of apps, like Virtual Bookshelf, that you could use for Library Purposes. On the other hand, people you thought you got away from in your past can search you and find you on these websites and make you feel guilty for not keeping in touch (also, no likey). Next up, social bookmarking. This is the first of the 2.0 lessons that was all news to me. I have not been exposed to the concept, except to ask somebody what that del.ici.ous thing was at the top of my screen sometimes. This is a totally cool idea. And clearly has myriad uses for anyone trying to organize information on the interwebs, and then share it with other like-minded users! Reference librarians can share with one another the website they found that is awesome for kids doing reports on Native American tomahawk construction, and not have to spend time rooting it up again next year when the new 4th graders ask the same questions. So cool. Personally, not really necessary at this point for my life, as my tag cloud would consist of "BAD CELEBRITY OUTFITS celebrity gossip CUTE CATS KITTENS weather IMDB TV LISTINGS naptiger" Which doesn't really warrant a cloud at this point. And also makes me slightly ashamed.

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