Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Dancing, dancing, and more dancing.

Here are some silly dancing tigers to commemorate the weekend I just spent dancing my butt off. I got to go see Phish's reunion shows in Hampton, Va, after an almost 5 year "break up" (yeah right.) I saw their final shows in Vermont, for a total of 107, so these were my 108th, 109th, and 110th. They played really well, better than they had at the "goodbye" shows and for some time before that, and I'd venture to say that their set choices hearkened back to what I consider a "golden age" for Phish tour; somewhere between '96 and around '00. It was GRRREAT! Wonderful to see the Family again, and nice to know my 30-plus self can still bust a move for three nights running. I laughed, I cried, I spent a riDONKulous amount of money, I saw people from all over the country, and I slipped and fell on a beer-soaked floor 3 different times. A weekend well spent! Now, I'm back to work at my nifty job, and my continuing intrepid exploration of all that Web 2.0 has to offer. Whee!

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