Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Rss feeds are not tasty.

Here is an actual feline pimp for your pleasure.
This post is satisfying my blog alter ego; the one that must comment on web 2.0 training, not tigers and their habits or associations. I learned about how to set up a reader and link RSS feeds to it today. This is an awesome feature of web 2.0 for some, I'm sure. I am still hooked on the anticipation of checking to see if a celebrity has worn a terrible outfit or my sister is cooking over one hundred cupcakes for her childrens' school party. I guess I don't consider my time valuable enough, yet, to give up surfing the web for all the things I'm interested in. But, I can understand the value of the feature, certainly for people who have busier lives than mine, or are interested in a vast variety of sites on the web. And I definitely think it is a wonderful application for libraries. I can just see moms getting their storytime schedules fed to them instantly, and what if people could get pre-overdue notices this way? Endless possibilities, really.

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