Friday, March 13, 2009

What would we do, baby, without us? Or Captain Stubing?

Whilst taking a break from perusing the financial pages, my old pal Alex P. decided to enjoy the company of a tiger. C'mon, Alex. You know you wanna take a nap with that kitteh. Incidentally, has anyone else been enjoying all that the net has to offer in the way of old tv shows? You can go to the network websites (like and look at syndicated programs that they own the rights to, and also sites like Hulu and have tons to watch. I have been reliving my youth (minus my jerky older sister telling me to change the channel) via these. I have watched about all the Love Boat there is out there (that is a freaking awesome show. Spelling knew what he was doing) and most of the Family Ties, except for what may be my favorite episode; the one where Tina Yothers decides to forsake Skippy in favor of the "cool girls" by wearing silky oversize blouses and horrible costume jewelry and talking like a mentally deficient person. Can't seem to track that one down. I recently watched a few Fantasy Islands (weirder than I even remembered!) and Facts of Life (exactly as I remembered. I watched that one a LOT) and One Day at a Time (Schneider!) and NO I don't have too much time on my hands. I'm really very busy. Busy being entertained by Captain Stubing and his wacky crew, that is.

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