Thursday, March 19, 2009

You remind me of the babe, and I mean that in the nicest way.

Haha! Don't get it in your head. You don't want it there! It's the most infectious ditty ever attributed to David Bowie! And now I've done it. I'll be mentally avoiding that business all day. If you don't know the tune to which I refer, go on out and get yourself a copy of Labyrinth, feat. Jennifer Connolly in her nascence and Bowie himself, as well as a fantastic array of puppetry. There are no tigers in the film, but if there was, it would be a puppet tiger and have a sarcastic attitude and a duplicitous nature. There is, however, a fox riding a dog, so that will have to do. Although I couldn't find a full body shot of him doing so, rest assured he does indeed have a sheepdog steed. (Sorry.) If this movie was a blankie, I would have worn it to tattered shreds by now many times over. Doesn't hurt that our protagonist shares my name, or that Jim Henson is responsible for the puppets, or that Brian Froud designed the look, or that Bowie is AWESOME. What does hurt is that tune. Damn, I don't know what kind of magic spell to use. Maybe some puppy dog tails. I'm too busy trying to learn how to juggle crystal balls across my knuckles to figure it out.

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