Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Well, it didn't work. In the course of attempting to influence the universe via the internets, I forgot the cardinal rule. You don't say (or in this case, post) your wishes aloud. Stupid! I have had that drilled into my head at every birthday-candle-blowing-out since practically birth, and then I went and dropped the proverbial ball, thus ruining my chances. There is, of course, as they so kindly mentioned in the "we regret to inform you" email, another opportunity to get tickets when they go on sale to the *gasp* general public this weekend, but then I'll be at the mercy of a million different factors, not least of which are my slow-as-heck laptop at home and the hundreds of thousands of other fans that will be trying to access the Ticketmaster website at exactly the same moment. Not to mention the freakin' impossible to decipher "captcha" thing you have to type (You know what I'm talking about. It's wavy, distorted, upside down, tiny, faint, or in a foreign language. Or all of the above.) before you can place your order. I will try, of course, but my hopes have dwindled considerably. Of course, I have tickets for other shows, and I could try to orchestrate a trade, but these things are not concrete, and I wanted confirmation in my hot little hands, dammit. It is a sad day in Tigertown, that's for sure. Not only am I not able to alter the future via my blog, but I may not get to go to Red Rocks AGAIN. Dang.


  1. where did you get tickets tho????

  2. Camden (sellin 'em for $$) and Burgettstown (sp?) PA..think me and case are gonna hit that one. she got two for saratoga springs, ny, think she's thinking of selling those but not sure.