Monday, March 30, 2009

Kilns are bothersome and I needs a nap

Here is my first-o'-the week whiny post. I have to work until Saturday (wah) and I am already tired just thinking about it. These striped sleepers are doing what I would be doing right now, had I my deepest wish at this time. I will not get to snooze for long tomorrow either, because while I have secured the right to show up for work a couple of hours late in the morning, it's because I have to go to school and fire a kiln. Fire a kiln you say? Yes, I do. What does that entail, Sarah? Well, let me enlighten you. It has to be candled, which means turned on low to prime itself, tonight. My instructor for ceramics has kindly offered to do that for me. Then, starting at 9 a.m., it needs to be turned up to low, low, off (three temperature dials.) Then at 10, it gets low, low, low, and at 11, medium, low, low, then at 12, medium, medium, low, at 1, med.,med.,med., then 2 is high, med.,med., 3 is high, high, med., and finally four is high, high, high! THEN the actual firing of my sculpture begins. Naturally, I can't be there for the whole day, but I was only able to find a classmate to hook me up with temperature adjustment assistance between the hours of 12-4. So I have to turn it up every hour from 9-11, then go to work, then get off of work at 5:30, head over to the kiln room again, check to see if the piece is done, and if not, go back over when I get out of class at 9:45 p.m., and finally turn the kiln off. It is supposed to turn itself off, but it may not do so, hence my need for supervision. And of course, heaven forbid my piece blows up or melts or something. This is all for a class I wouldn't have taken if my registration hadn't been late, and while I'm getting an A, I don't even like clay that much. Did I mention that I have slacked and don't have a student ID, which I'll need to get to get into the building after classtimes are over for the day, which means I'll have to go get one made between low, low, low and medium, low, low. Oh, kitties, how I wish I was free to nap eighty percent of the day, like your soft and snoozy selves. Maybe I'll train my lil' fuzzy buddy to turn temperature dials so I can sleep in next time....

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