Thursday, March 26, 2009

Pics + computer = lots o' fun

This is my obligatory Flickr post. I don't have much to say about it, because as you can see from my excellent visual aids, I already have facile abilities with the online photo sharing websites. I can tell you that I heartily enjoy the concept, and have a personal account with Photobucket, which is about the same. Alas, I have lost the wee cord that goes from my camera to the computer, so for the last little while I have been unable to upload. I got an email from Photobucket that said "your album misses you" and actually felt guilty. Just as I do when I don't post to this blog, or check my Facebook or Myspace and respond, or just my email (all 5 accounts). Cyberspace, how could you do me like this? I thought I had enough guilt from normal human relations (i.e. why haven't you called me? and how could you miss your cousin's wedding? etc. etc.) and now I have to feel bad when I don't upload photos to the interwebs! Also, not being able to do so poses problems, in that fabulous photos are mounting in number on my camera, and if I ever do find the cord, I will not be able to remember what they are about. On the other hand, the situation has probably kept me from posting self portraits that I thought were pretty good when I took them (Hey! If I put this one as my profile pic, my future husband just has to notice!) but turned out not so much the next morning. Anyhow, Flickr and the like are especially good in my mind because I never have the wherewithal to actually turn digital photos into print photos, but (if one has the usb cord) it is much easier to save them into a virtual album and forgo the whole paper thing. Of course, don't tell my mom that. REAL pictures are important for posterity and we should never forget that, you know.

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