Monday, March 16, 2009

Podcasting, plus destructive cats.

Today I learned about the wonders of Podcasting. While the term has a sort of old school alien movie flavor, (Oh no! Monster Zero has podcast me into oblivion! Captain Kirk, my podcaster is malfunctioning! Quick! Podcast us into hyperspace! ) I really think the idea is cool. I am a visual person, so I like access to video about anything, but the whole idea that you could get whatever stuff you like sent to you via a feed is very exciting. There are obvious applications for any profession, but the library can benefit from recording programs and podcasting them, as well as book reviews, maybe computer tutorials, info about community events, etc. etc. No segue comes to mind between podcasting and bad cats, so I won't even try. In the illustration I've provided you today, you'll note a Tiger eating a Windshield Wiper Blade. My cat, who is looking all sweet and innocent up there in his portrait, is equally damaging to all things scratchable in the home. Were I to unleash him on the out of doors, he might even chew on a wiper blade. I wouldn't put it past him. He is probably a third of the way through the wood frame on the door out to the deck; in addition to having ripped the finish off of anything wood with legs in the home. He also has an irritating predilection for destroying cardboard boxes by ripping them into as tiny bits as possible and spreading them evenly throughout the house. How I adore him. Especially when he throws the litter as far from the box as felinely possible. That's skill! (Don't even get me started on his vocal stylings. Or his incessant peeping, to be more specific.) He's a cute fuzzy buddy, but one of these days I'm going to podcast his little butt.

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