Monday, March 23, 2009

Psychedelic Kitteh wants to go to COLORADO

Here is my attempt to influence fate by sending a fervent wish out into the world via the internets. Today, tomorrow, and the next day are the window in which the Ticket Gods will decide if my lottery request for Phish tickets will be awarded. I have requested two tickets for each night at the famed Red Rocks Ampitheatre outside Denver, Colorado. I have wanted to see them play there for the last 14 years. The band was actually forbidden to play there due to the excessive amount of fan insanity back in their heyday. I guess the powers that be decided that the new, reunited version of the band is no longer a threat. (This might have something to do with the fact that their core fan base is now in their thirties instead of early twenties...) I will have to sell a kidney to afford the shows and the plane ticket and accomodations, but I would gladly do so. This venue is legendary. You see the band play amidst red rock mesas towering over your head as the music is amplified by the near-perfect acoustics. Or so I hear. Please, oh mighty random lottery, grant me my wish! I want to pay your service charges and online fees! How can you turn me down!

This will work, of course. I can influence the universe with my blog, didn't you know?

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